LiteHouse Margarita Mix for Healthy Marinades too

Ever since the new, even tastier version of LiteHouse Margarita Mix came out last month. we’ve been literally drinking, eating and breathing it. You would be too if you had 80 cases in your home warehouse, and a love for nightly cocktails.

So when Mr. LC saw there was an opened bottle in the fridge, he decided to use it in his always-fabulous chicken marinade. I was lucky enough to come home to an already prepared dinner of LiteHouse Chicken, quinnoa and corn on the cob. I could taste the subtle citrus in the chicken and immediately guessed what his secret ingredient was. Here’s the exact recipe:

4 skinless chicken breasts

1/2 cup LiteHouse Margarita Mix

1/4 cup Ken’s Lite Italian Dressing

salt & pepper

I made a slight variation on this today during a family birthday gathering. I added about 2 shots of tequila (shocked?). One for the marinade…one for me. I liked it this way too. And it got me thinking that there are probably all sorts of marinade variations that can be made with super versatile LiteHouse. After all, it can be used to make more than just tequila drinks (I like to mix it with vodka for a Kamakaze, or use it in my sangria recipe. It’s that flexible). So it follows that it can be used in many other applications as well. I have a red wine vinegar dressing that I’ll try it with later this week.

And it’s not just for chicken marinades either. I plan on using it my steaktip recipe tomorrow. I’ll add it to Bourbon and brown sugar for a sweet & sour essence. I’m getting thirsty just thinking about all this LiteHouse.

So even though I’ll give Mr. LC the credit for using LiteHouse in food recipes first, I take the ultimate responsibility for mixing it up in the Liquor Chick Lab last year. And of course us healthy drinkers want to be healthy eaters too. So. Cheers, and Dig In!

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